Project Impact Y9

12 Weeks | Start: Nov 2019 | Sunday Afternoons or Weekday Evenings

Do you want to make a difference and brighten someone’s day?

Post Bar and Bat Mitzvah is the perfect time for young people to look outwards and make a commitment to give back to the community. Volunteers will be able to use their talents and develop their skills, doing impactful volunteering. Volunteers will learn about and support a range of fantastic charities supporting the elderly, disabled, homeless, underprivileged, survivors, and charities promoting mental health and well being.

Through Project ImpACT I was able to work with many different charities. I gained a greater knowledge of what the charities did, and different ways of contributing. It was really rewarding knowing that could make a difference. I will certainly continue volunteering as I feel it is important to give back to the community“.

Jonathan - Project ImpACT volunteer